The Ripple - Fall 2016

Editor's Message

Something New?

Life would be pretty dull if we never tried new things. New can be simple. Perhaps we look for something different to do with the chicken instead of our standard barbecue recipe. We might try on a new hair style, explore a new hobby, or read something by a new author. New can also be a big deal. Maybe we move to a new city or country, or meet someone special and begin a new long-term relationship.

Sometimes new is an exciting romp. Sometimes it is a terrifying leap of quavering faith. Sometimes it turns out well and becomes the new norm. Sometimes it is a disaster that we wish with all our hearts we had never ventured into. Rarely do we know, when we start out on a new path, how it will end.

But start out, we must. The alternative is to accept the same old same-old incessantly. Without venturing into the new and unknown, we are doomed to a life of hum-drum and monotony. We might be comfortable with things as they are for now, but eventually, we will become bored and unfulfilled.

So go for it. Try something new. If that’s a challenge for you, then start small. Get that new chicken recipe and try it out. What’s the worst thing that will happen?

This issue of the Ripple is chock full of items about folks trying new things. Dusty Molinski tells us about his five-year-old son’s first canoe trip. Charles Burchill gives us some great ideas for new paddling destinations, all reachable in a single day. And Tim Lutz shares his cautionary tale of what might happen when we try new things despite missing a few relevant details.

Barring unforeseen changes, I expect this will be my last issue as editor of the Ripple. I’ve been lucky to have the job for nearly eight years and it has been a joy to help bring paddlers together through the stories we all have to tell. Thank you to all of you who have shared your memories, ideas, and knowledge through the years. Thank you to Crystal, Charles, Steve, Jeff, Paul, Chris, and everybody else who has helped me with the layout and design of the newsletter and to Catherine, Kim, Chris, and Kelly, the presidents I have worked with.

It has been my pleasure be a part of your paddling lives. I hope I will see you on the water.