The Ripple - Fall 2016

Paddle Manitoba Backcountry Larder Buyers' Club

In the new year, Paddle Manitoba will be launching a new program called the Backcountry Larder Buyers’ Club. Many of us dehydrate our own ingredients to save weight and space when paddle tripping. However, sometimes we just don’t have the time to prepare everything we need for a long trip; and in some cases our dehydrated ingredients can’t compete with the texture and ease of reconstituting freeze-dried morsels.

Freeze-dried ingredients are, unfortunately, not often available to buy retail. Most of us just don’t want to buy a lifetime’s supply of dried apples for just a couple of weeks’ camping.

The Backcountry Larder Buyers’ Club will allow Paddle Manitoba members to buy freeze-dried products in small quantities by sharing the purchase of bulk #10 canisters. Paddle Manitoba will coordinate the purchase and pass on the bulk pricing to participating members.

Watch our website and Facebook pages in the New Year for information on how to place your order and prepare for spring!

Below are examples of products and their before-tax price (as of Dec 5, 2016)

FruitCost per Serving
Granny Smith Apples1.22
Fuji Apples1.3
Red Seedless Grapes1.71
Sweet Cherry Halves2.06
VegetablesCost per Serving
Green Peas0.83
Carrots (Dehydrated)0.75
Green Beans 0.69
Onions 1.11
Potatoes 1.08
Broccoli 1.05
Zucchini 1.02